1. Achievement Unlocked: January 2017

    Amidst all the depressing stuff going on, it is sometimes healthy to celebrate the little victories of everyday life. Here is a round-up to follow up on the one I wrote a little over a year ago.

  2. Speedster: A Retrospective

    Last year, I had the not so brilliant idea to build a connection speed testing app for OS X. Between a full-time job and summer vacations, it took me about 6 months to wrap up a 1.0. Speedster was born.
  3. Announcing Nope for Safari

    Two months ago I started working on a content blocking extension for Safari. Today I am happy to announce that it's ready for the masses.
  4. tvOS HIG: Too Long; Didn't Read

    I often joke about the HIG being an acronym for Highly Ignored Guidelines. This is an effort to change that, at least for tvOS.

  5. React Native: Initial Thoughts

    I spent a couple of days toying with React Native since it was open-sourced by Facebook last week. Here are my initial thoughts as someone who works with both iOS and Web development:

  6. IPinator

    I am happy to announce that IPinator is finally live on the App Store. It’s a utility app and Notification Center widget that geocodes your external IP address and displays it alongside your local one for easy copy-pasting during local development, VPN setup, etc.

  7. Back to Writing

    It feels like forever since the last time I wrote something. And it kind of is, given that I haven’t updated my personal blog ever since I joined thoughtbot in 2012. That was due to a combination of lacking the time to do proper research outside work hours and finding better venues for technical writing.

  8. Twitter Client Showdown: Round 2

    It has been almost a year since the original showdown pitting the user interfaces of the Twitter official client and Tweetbot. Since the latter got a major update last week, it is a good opportunity to revisit the Twitter client landscape on iOS.

  9. 2011: A year in Interface Design

    Windows 8 and OS X Lion are looking to bridge the desktop-mobile gap. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are vying for users in the social space, while we are still trying to figure how to design for mobile and touch devices.