This Week I Learned #20

Here are some of the things I learned this week, in the order I’ve noted them down.

# Programming

  • How to use mdx and mdx-deck to create interactive slide decks. It’s essentially a mashup of Markdown and React that generates highly customizable HTML slides that can be deployed as is or exported as a PDF document. I usually scuff at the idea of using Web-based presenttion tools, but this stack lends itself particularly well for the Web-dev related material I am currently working on.

  • I never paid close attention to how bitwise operations and bit shifting exactly work, but this article by Donny Wals prompted me to stop procrastinating and go over the official Swift guide on the topic.

  • I managed to use the new redacted(reason:) modifier in SwiftUI and remove the custom view I used for the purpose of displaying placeholders while the content loads. Happy to see utility APIs like these make their way to the framework.

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