This Week I Learned #15

Here are some of the things I learned this week, in the order I’ve noted them down.

  • Understanding any topic in greater depth requires honesty, integrity, and patience. Thinking hard about the problem space and seeking first-hand experience also yields far deeper understanding than contenting oneself with the syntheses of others (link).

  • Beta invites to OpenAI’s API, powered by the new GPT-3 (paper), are starting to go out and some of the demos are generating a lot of buzz at the moment. This was the article that brought my attention to this.

# Programming

  • How to properly use services in Vapor 4. I am still not fond of the amount of work involved, but it’s an effective way to extend the built-in capabilities of the default types.

  • How to use HTMLElement to build a custom DOM element that encapsulates structure, styling, and interactions (link).

  • How the isSource and properties arguments in SwiftUI’s matchedGeometryEffect work (link).

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