WWDC 2020: Day 4-5 Takes

WWDC 2020 is officially over. Here are some notes based on a handful of sessions I watched in the past couple of days.

  • I am quite happy with all the WKWebView improvements that made it in this release. In particular, callAsyncJavascript will make bridging async JS and Swift a less painful affair. That said, some of these APIs, including the aforementioned, seem to be missing from the first beta.

  • Core Data didn’t get the overhaul many of us were hoping for, but it gained some useful APIs to help with batch operations. I’ll take that.

  • I am happy that we got a couple of sessions about unsafe Swift, an area that’s becoming increasingly important for those of us using Swift for server-side development (C library wrappers, database drivers, etc).

  • Speaking of server-side, it’s refreshing to see a session about using Swift on AWS Lambda. Apple has a lot of leverage when it comes to adopting Swift on the server, and sessions like these are a good sign that they are invested, at least to a certain degree, in promoting that.

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