This Week I Learned #4

Here are some of the things I learned this week, in the order I’ve noted them down.

  • The Blub Paradox (thanks Kim!). Coined by Paul Graham in his 2001 essay “Beating The Averages”, this concept refers to the inability of a programmer using a hypothetical mid-level language, called Blub, to:

    • Use a lower-level language due to lack of features they are familiar with in Blub.
    • Realize that they are looking at a higher-level language when they evaluate one.

    I have some reservations about this one, based on my own experience, but it’s a nice tidbit nonetheless.

  • I did some reading on flying machines this week and picked up a new word: ornithopter.

  • I almost feel ashamed for not knowing this one until this week1: deuteragonist and tritagonist.

  • This answer by Dave Abrahams to a Quora question about the most important things involved in delivering a great software library. If I had to pick only one, that would be “rigorously document“.

  • The .org TLD is saved!

  1. Not gonna lie, it’s a fairly prevalent feeling throughout these updates.
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