This Week I Learned #1

Here are some of the things I learned this week, in the order I’ve noted them down:

  • Calm technology. A term coined by PARC researcher Mark Weiser in 1995, referring to technology that does not seek to become the center of attention when we use it. It’s there when we need it, and out of sight when we don’t. More on the topic here.

  • Eggcorn. A phrase or expression that resulted from intentionally or accidentally substituting one or more words from an expression with similar-sounding words (Wikipedia). For example:

    • Praying mantis -> preying mantis.
    • Cut to the chase -> cut to the cheese.
    • Acorn -> eggcorn (duh).
  • The entire ACM Digital Library is free to access until June 30th. There’s more to COVID-19 quarantine than Netflix 😉.

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