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Reda Lemeden

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Achievement Unlocked: 2015 Edition

It’s that time of the year where we mull over what we accomplished in the past twelve months. Here is my list.

  • Stopped using Google products for personal use. Migrating my half dozen Gmail accounts was the hardest part. That and finding a viable replacement for YouTube. Spoiler: It does not exist.

  • Deleted unused online accounts. This includes LinkedIn, Hulu, and other online retailers. Needless to say, I had some unpleasant experiences during this process.

  • Uninstalled Flash and Java on OS X. Surprised I didn’t get to this sooner.

  • Enabled two-factor authentication when available. Authy and 1Password for the win.

  • Launched a Mac app on the App Store. A utility that brings native IP geocoding to OS X.

  • Designed a mobile game. An unforgiving space survival with a whiff of nostalgia.

  • Co-hosted a podcast. Props to Kyle Fiedler for putting up with my never-ending rants.

  • Co-organized a Swift workshop. It was a lot of fun, especially the part where I had to sit back and listen to Jack Nutting explain optionals.

  • Released a Safari extension. It serves to scratch my own RSS discovery itch.

  • Got interviewed. It’s on Workspiration.

  • Visited San Francisco during WWDC week. It was totally worth it, even without a ticket.

  • Avoided buying an Apple Watch. Believe me, this one was particularly challenging.

  • Earned my first Platinum trophy on PSN. Better yet, it’s from Bloodborne.