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SyndicateSafari extension that brings the RSS button back to the toolbar.

A screenshot of Syndicate

Using the toolbar button, finding and subscribing to any RSS feed is just one click away. Unlike the opaque built-in RSS functionality in Safari, Syndicate exposes every feed in the current page, giving you more visibility and control.

A screenshot of Syndicate with badge

You can also enable a badge on the toolbar icon to make RSS discovery easier. The badge is disabled by default.

A screenshot of Syndicate with multiple feeds

Syndicate was built with multiple-feed sites in mind. It even fetches the feed title using Google Feed API. You can toggle this feature off in the extension preferences, or use Safari's private browsing mode.

A screenshot of Syndicate with selected URL

Double-click the URL field and hit Cmd+C to copy the feed URL. Useful for sharing or debugging.
Download (1.0.0)
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