Reda Lemeden

Reda Lemeden

Indie Developer & Designer

Solutions, Problems, and Learning

From a content creator perspective, it’s relatively easy to write about solutions. Tips and tricks. How to do X or Y. Lessons learned. In contrast, it’s significantly harder to write about problems—what’s at stake and why it’s worth the effort. Understanding a given problem to a level where it can be distilled requires much more rigor and experience than presenting solutions to said problem.

From a learner perspective, especially in their early stages of the learning process, it is far more worthwhile to understand the problems, challenges, and tradeoffs than to build a repertoire of solutions. Doing the latter without the former might work in the short and mid-term, but on the long run it is very likely to hinder personal and professional growth. Fast food is an apt analogy.

While this dichotomy makes learning certain topics particularly hard, it’s not unsurmountable. One has just to look hard enough.