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Margin Considered Harmful

Max Stoiber on using margins in UI components:

Margin breaks component encapsulation. A well-built component should not affect anything outside itself.

It’s very hard to disagree with this statement if you’ve been involved in any capacity with creating reusable UI components. Baked-in margins can and will hinder component reuse across different adaptive layouts.

A few years back, margins were the only way to create float-based grid layouts in CSS. Today, margin gymnastics are no longer necessary.

Instead of margin I have started using spacer components, which move the responsibility of managing space to the parent-level.

Implementation details aside, delegating the spacing between adjacent items to the wrapping component is the right approach. For instance, SwiftUI uses a similar API to the one suggested in the blog post:

VStack(spacing: 8) {
  Text(”Item 1”)
  Text(”Item 2”)
  Text(”Item 3”)