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Reda Lemeden

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Full-Page Screenshots in MacOS Safari without Extensions

Here’s a new trick I picked up this morning: you can take full-page screenshots of any Web page in Safari for macOS without using third-party extensions.

Before trying this at home, make sure you have the Develop menu enabled. In case it’s not visible in the menu bar, head to Safari ▶ Preferences ▶ Advanced ▶ Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Once that’s taken care of, follow these steps:

  1. Head to Develop ▶ Show Web Inspector or use the Option + Command + I shortcut.
  2. In the first Elements tab, look for the html tag in the source tree.
  3. Right-click the html tag and choose Capture Screenshot.
  4. Choose a destination and save the file. Append the .png extension to the name if you want preview to properly recognize it as an image.

Bonus: You can capture any HTML tag in the source tree, not just the root element.