Reda Lemeden

Reda Lemeden

Indie Developer & Designer

Achievement Unlocked: 2020 Edition

As challenging and anomalous as this year has been, I sought to make the best out of the exceptional circumstances that unfolded. In March I quit my full time job to focus on a handful of personal projects—a conference, a book, and a digital product. While the first was indefinitely postponed due to the pandemic, being confined at home was perfect for the remaining two throughout spring and summer—but more on that hopefully soon. In early fall, I started teaching front-end Web development at Hyper Island; a unique and rewarding experience that I’m not ready to forget any time soon.

Another perk of being stuck at home is having the opportunity to try new things. I learned how to make rather average pound cakes and play some rudimentary music on synth. I also played a good dose of competitive Pokémon and Street Fighter V, with the occasional single player game to keep things fresh. On the minus side, I have spent far less time with family and friends and missed most of my swimming sessions.

When all is said and done, this year was a rare chance for me to reflect and appreciate some of the things I took for granted. Visiting relatives, exercising in the gym, or going to a concert will certainly feel less mundane whenever I can do them without a care in the world again.

So, 2020, you haven’t been particularly nice, but I am here to bid you farewell. As for you, 2021, I understand the expectations are high, but you can’t do much worse than your predecessor, can you?