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Reda Lemeden

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Achievement Unlocked: 2016 Edition

Between a new job, a house move, and a flurry of depressing news, my productivity took a hit in 2016. I was nevertheless able to do some fun things on the side:

  • Built and launched Speedster, a native bandwidth speed testing app for macOS. The feedback was very positive, but I struggled with the business model. As of this writing, the app is no longer available on the App Store, while version 3.0 is still in the works (more on that later).

  • Launched then open-sourced Markoff, a lightweight Markdown previewer app for macOS.

  • Published three more articles in the Designing for iOS series that I started back in 2015.

  • Customized an arcade stick 🕹 and had a ton of fun doing it.

  • Designed a macOS replacement icon for Undertale.

  • Released ImageScout 1.0, a Swift implementation of fastimage.

  • Made a visualization on Swift 3.0 Access control.

  • Gave a talk about Swift API guidelines at CocoaHeads Stockholm.

  • Released Gifu 2.0 after 3 months of testing. The new version is written in Swift 3.0 and introduces a new protocol-based API that makes the library a lot more versatile.

  • Removed all analytics from my websites.

  • Rewrote Speedster in Swift 3.0 and dropped the dependency on the SpeedOfMe API.

  • Resumed recording Tentative and the 1st episode of the season is already out!