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PiP MY SafariA lightweight workflow to toggle Safari's PiP mode for videos in the foreground

Tested with YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Netflix, and Facebook but it should work with any website using the HTML5 <video> tag.

Alfred Workflow

Alfred demo GIF

You can download the workflow directly or install it via Packal, which can be used to automatically update the workflow using Packal Updater.

Keep in mind that you need to enable Allow JavaScript from Apple Events in the Safari Develop menu. The Develop menu can be enabled in Safari's Preferences > Advanced tab.

Alfred Workflow (1.0.0)

Automator Workflow

Automator demo GIF

The Automator workflow can be used as a service and accessed from Safari > Services > General: PiP My Safari .Automator Workflow (1.0.0)
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