WWDC 21: Day 4-5 Session Notes

Assumed audience: my future self. Apple platform developers.

Things got a bit busy towards the end of the week, so I grouped Thursday and Friday together in this update.

  • Meet Shortcuts for macOS I am really impressed but the amount of work that went into introducing Shortcuts for macOS.It even comes with a <abbr title=“Command Line Interface”>CLI for more integration flexibility.

  • Host and automate your DocC Documentation I have yet to give this a try, but my first impression is that it’s more work than I expected to deploy this remotely.

  • What’s new in Mac Catalyst I stopped midway because I realized most of it is not immediately useful for me.

  • Swift concurrency: behind the scenes This was probably my favorite concurrency session so far. Visual timelines are decidedly the only way for me to understand how concurrency primitives work.

  • Streamline your localized strings Some pretty handy new additions to various localization workflows. The translation visual editor is nifty too.

  • Discover concurrency in SwiftUI Nice quality of life improvements when using published properties, but this session left me wondering how Combine and the new concurrency tools will coexist in SwiftUI, if at all.

With WWDC officially over, there is still a ton I am planning to go over in the coming weeks, including SF symbols, widgets, and watchOS additions among others.

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