WWDC 21: Day 3 Session Notes

Assumed audience: my future self. Apple platform developers.

We’re half way already! Today I mostly watched concurrency sessions, with some SwiftUI bouts here and there.

  • Apple’s privacy pillars in focus: The deeper dive into how private relay works in iCloud+ was quite fascinating.

  • Craft search experiences in SwiftUI: Pretty impressive how little code is needed to achieve a platform-native search experience on all Apple platforms. If this is the future of the framework, sign me up!

  • Demystify SwiftUI: Really informative session about SwiftUI view identity and lifetime. It also introduces new terminology—such as “inert modifier”—that will come in handy when discussing these topics.

  • Meet AsyncSequence: A short and sweet session about AsyncSequence. I was wondering how this fits with Combine, especially given the lack of updates on that front, but unfortunately this didn’t shed any light on that.

  • Explore structured concurrency in Swift: This session had my favorite slide in the conference so far in terms of information density.

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