WWDC 21: Day 2 Session Notes

Assumed audience: my future self. Apple platform developers.

WWDC is finally here! Since I won’t manage to post daily takes this year, I thought I’d jot down the sessions I watched along with a key takeaway for each. The sessions below are listed in the order I have watched them:

  • What’s New in SwiftUI: I’m really excited about the new modifiers for list, which felt a bit abandoned last year. I hope later betas introduce some APIs to read the content offset of ScrollView; I need this frequently and I am not happy with the current workarounds.

  • What’s new in Foundation: The new attributed string and formatter APIs are simply brilliant. Kudos.

  • Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app: While I sort of expected the addition of Material, Canvas caught me off-guard and I am loving it. 😍

  • Meet DocC Documentation in Xcode: Hands-down my favorite new surprise announcement this year. Lots of neat little details—such as autocomplete symbol links for cross-referencing—and the project is slated to go open-source later this year! 💪

  • What’s new in Swift: Really loved this session, especially the shoutouts to various efforts from Swift community members.

  • Meet async/await in Swift: Great starting point to get familiar with async/await and what they bring to the table.

  • Meet StoreKit 2: I have no idea why I picked up this session, but I don’t regret it! Great to see async/await being already used in the SDK this prominently.

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