This Week I Learned #32

Assumed audience: people interested in learning and metacognitive tools.

I have been rather busy during the past couple of weeks. While it’s not much, here is what I learned since the last update.

# MeiliSearch & Swift

I learned a good deal about integrating Vapor apps with MeiliSearch, a lightweight alternative to ElasticSearch written in Rust. The bulk of the work consisted in writing a NIO-compatible API wrapper for MeiliSearch, since the official one wasn’t meant to be used in server environments. I briefly considered using ElasticSearch, but I like the sound of a more focused library with a smaller footprint.

# Image GPT

GPT-2, the open-source predecessor to GPT-3, is perfectly capable of generating images when trained on pixel sequences (paper). Here is a project that uses it to generate thousands of Pokémon-like pixel illustrations. I am tempted to give this a go and see what fun applications I can come up with.

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