This Week I Learned #22

Assumed audience: people interested in learning and metacognitive tools.

  • I picked up several new Japanese expressions this week, but this one stood out to me: ()言葉(ことば)()言葉(ことば). An English equivalent would be tit for tat. The origin of this expression is likely related to the expression 喧嘩(けんか)()る, to “sell” a fight, meaning to provoke it. In this transactional analogy, “buying” the fight is analogous to retaliating.

# Programming

  • A good refresher on password storage best practices: We Didn’t Encrypt Your Password, We Hashed It. I knew about using salts (and peppers!) to secure password storage, but I have yet to add these extra security measures to the server-side app I am currently working on.

  • I learned how to do SQL joins with their different flavors. I always procrastinated on learning SQL, for various reasons, but I got to a point where I had to choose between taking a step back and doing things right, or hacking my way through the feature I was working on without understanding the performance implications of the queries used.

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