Achievement Unlocked: January 2017

Amidst all the depressing stuff going on, it is sometimes healthy to celebrate the little victories of everyday life. Here is a round-up to follow up on the one I wrote a little over a year ago.

2016 Retrospective

Between a new job, a house move, and a flurry of depressing news, my productivity took a hit in 2016. I was nevertheless able to do some fun things on the side:

January 2017


Even though I’ve been writing less code outside of my full-time job, I managed to do a complete rewrite of Speedster 3.0 since last September. The app is now written in Swift 3.0 and no longer relies on the SpeedOfMe API for the tests (good riddance). A good chunk of my time off last month went into revisiting the UI and hunting down a couple of timeout issues that I’d like to fix before pushing the first beta.

On the open-source front, I managed to release Gifu 2.0 after 3 months of testing. The new version is written in Swift 3.0 and introduces a new protocol-based API that makes the library a lot more versatile.

Last but not least I managed to remove all analytics from my websites. Yay privacy!


I took a little break from code and spent some time refreshing the Speedster icon. I swapped the color palette and added some extra details to the needle as you can see on the Dribbble shot.


We resumed recording Tentative and the 1st episode of the season is already out! We discussed our new year’s resolutions in a quite spontaneous and laid back episode.


A little over ten years ago, I started a manga (Japanese comic) side project. I have been sporadically revisiting it since, adding tiny bits to the story and characters. As time went by however, I started losing the spark that initially got me going.

Last month, I discarded all but the name of the main protagonist the overall tone of the story. A new direction that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing and help me keep the momentum.

Creative writing aside, I’d like to push these updates more frequently to stay motivated and keep everyone interested in my side projects in the loop.